We are re-imagining shopping and building a better retail-to-consumer chain. We believe we have the technology to serve the growing consumer demand for online shopping without hurting the planet. Livecart does this by essentially bridging the communication gap between local stores/retailers and shoppers. Instead of using warehouses and centralized shipping, we utilize a network of stores, food pantries, and charities alongside our technology to get consumers real-time access to comparing and ordering of affordable products and deals in their area. This ecosystem is enabled by the large portion of products that are wasted as a result of incorrect targeting and pricing. We track product expiry and match shoppers with an affinity for a specific product with special offers;  this allows stores to profit off their surplus, and shoppers get their daily needs fulfilled at more affordable prices. This in turn significantly reduces waste resulting from the grocery and restaurant industries.


The onset of inflation during a pandemic exposed failures in the brick-and-mortar supply chain. Retailers are forced to tackle excess inventory with waning demand and high platform commissions. A prime example is food waste; costing the U.S. $161B annually as food insecurity continues to plague 13.8 million Americans. Delivery platforms are adding bloat while consumers need cheaper products, so stores have trouble increasing their top line.


Retail stores access virtual storefronts on Livecart, providing them the means to list products and communicate directly with shoppers to promote deals. As a result, consumers have a space to compare products in their area and place pick-ups from multiple stores at the most affordable prices. We notify shoppers with an affinity for certain products of relevant deals in the area in real-time, empowering retailers to capitalize on their surplus. Additionally, a portion of every transaction is donated to a charity of the user’s choice.

Livecart's Triple
Bottom Line

Each transaction reduces food waste, decreases food insecurity,
increases merchant revenue, and increases charity contributions.


To provide shoppers with affordable and high-quality food options in their local community.


To significantly reduce the amount of food waste and greenhouse gas emissions attributed to the restaurant & grocery industries.


Promoting the sale of “slow-moving items” with our proprietary advertisement engine and driving traffic to stores to increase revenue. 


Founder Ahmed Sabiani, with co-founders Alfred Toussaint, Dr. Saiid Paryavi, and Agah Ebrahimi came together with a team of dedicated developers and advisors to create Livecart. 

Ahmed Sabiani

Alfred Toussaint

Dr. Saiid Paryavi

Agah Ebrahimi